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Thinking about buying a home with a pool or perhaps you are thinking about building a pool for your Winter Garden home?  If so, here is some great insight and uncover the truth about some of the myths out there.


Pools are expensive to install?


While a pool is a substantial home improvement cost, the cost does depend on the following:  size of your yard, measurements of the pool and the supplies and materials you choose.  A pool will add value to your Winter Garden home, improves livability and beauty to your home as well as provides a gathering place for your family and friends.  While the costs in the beginning can be expensive to some, this investment will pay for itself in just a few years. 


It is going to cost me time and money to maintain a pool.


It used to be that operating a pool pump cost as much as running your air conditioning.  Maintaining your pools chemicals is easy to do especially with area pool companies to help test your water for free.  Winter Garden pool companies will even clean your pool for as little as $100 per month less for smaller pools.  Did you know that today’s pool pumps require much less energy than in the past?  Modern pool pumps are energy-efficient and can use up to 30 percent less power to operate.


Just because I have a pool, doesn’t mean the value of my Winter Garden home will increase.


Buyers look for homes with pools and love buying houses with pools.  Buyers have said that the pool contributed to their decision to buying a house.


If we built a pool, we would never use it.


People who have pools say that they spend a lot of time using their pool and brings together the family for quality time.  Not only is a pool great for gatherings, but it entices family members to spend more time together in the backyard as well as provides beautiful ambience to your Winter Garden home. 




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